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The Museo Archivio Laboratorio per le Arti contemporanee Hermann Nitsch is unique among the Campania Region’s Museums. It is a space for documentation and in-depth study of the philosophical, poetic and visual themes developed by the great Austrian artist, Hermann Nitsch (Vienna 1938) in over thirty years of activity. It is a multifunctional space where the works of art, the wrecks from the actions of the famous Orgien Mysterien Theater (Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries) which characterised Viennese Actionism in the sixties, journeys through odour and colour, and excursions into astronomy and botany come to life along a pathway always open to experimentation. The exhibitions in this unique location, reflect the urgent need to renew and promote cultural research and include permanent sections such as the impressive Farmacia, as well as meticulously prepared biennial exhibitions like the current celebration of the seventh anniversary of the Foundation, which marks a radical change to the collection: Arena. Opere dall’opera, that opened on April 23rd, 2016. The Museo Archivio Laboratorio per le Arti contemporanee Hermann Nitsch is based in the historical part of Naples’ city centre, at 29/d Vico Lungo Pontecorvo, in an early twentieth-century building called “Stazione Bellini”, that takes its name from the then Teatro Bellini, for which it served as a power station. In line with its vocation as a Museum for ideas, a dynamic centre for study, reflection and research, the Archivio Laboratorio per le Arti contemporanee Hermann Nitsch performs its diverse and multiple functions and activities in four main fields: the documentation, education, production, and dissemination of experience through its library, which houses texts ranging from 1930 to the present day, together with its laboratories and research archives. One of the roles defining the institution is to support the research of young artists and intellectuals from the Campania region and further afield. It promotes and preserves cultural heritage and knowledge in a spirit of openness towards advanced research and scientific culture, using a network of facilities and institutions at home and abroad. Ours is an all-encompassing project that looks far beyond the static vision of traditional museums and their limitations.


Fondazione Morra

Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d
80135 Naples, Italy

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 10am-7pm| Saturday 10am-2pm

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