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Un dì all’azzurro spazio (One day at the blue space), L’Acqua di Marco (Marco’s Water), THE NIGHT WE MET.

Un dì all’azzurro spazio (Italy, 2010)

(One day in the blue space)

Written and Directed by: Andrea Cramarossa.

With: Silvia Ferretti, Francesco Martino, Giuseppe Schisano.

Editing: Antonio Argenti.

Production: Verderame, Teatro delle Bambole, Biennale dell'Attore.



There he is.

Wait for me to breathe again for a moment

To tell me it's not over here

To tell me that it's done and done

Because you blow

More and more heavily

On stupidity

On dryness

On nothing.

I will be responsible for all this silence.



L’Acqua di Marco (Italia, 2013)

(Marco’s Water)

Written and directed by Andrea Cramarossa.

With: Roberto De Chirico and Patrizia Labianca.

And with Giulio Bufo, Francesco Casareale, Andrea Cramarossa, Giovanni Dicandia, Danilo Giuva.

Machine operator: Vincenzo Ardito.

Photography: Sara Rinaldi.

Costumes: Silvia Cramarossa.

Editing: Vincenzo Ardito.

Audio post production: Corrado Riccomini.

Masks: Luigia Bressan.

Subtitles: Inga J Sempel.

Production: Teatro delle Bambole.



What happens to our body and our soul when we are abandoned? Marco’s love story is abruptly interrupted with an “I don’t love you anymore”. The body vanishes, the mind cracks, the hands tremble, the lost soul can no longer find peace. The short film investigates in 12 minutes about the sense of attachment, about the shattered words that in the past have sealed that love relationship that is now finished forever.



THE NIGHT WE MET (Italy, 2017)

Written and directed by Andrea Cramarossa.

With: Isabella Careccia, Silvia Cuccovillo, Federico Gobbi, Domenico Piscopo, Pouline Derbier and with the friendly participation of Maria Panza.

Editing: Anna Giulia D’Onghia.

Subtitles: Inga J. Sempel.

Production: Teatro delle Bambole.



Two people decide to disappear forever, all of a sudden and without leaving any trace behind; that fatal moment – their will – makes them stop existing. Perhaps they have been kidnapped, they have run away, they have died or they are hiding. Nobody knows the real reason behind their disappearance. The instant that separates the tangible body from the deepest void can last as much as eternity, in a time lapse that hardens like a callus and fossilises in the memories of those existent and familiar people.

Or maybe that instant materialises in the spasms of the earth, that swallows and reclaims everything for itself; or it becomes a deja-vu, where the memory slashes the silence with a revived, concrete and unexpected example.

Fabrizio and Anna are the names of the two people mysteriously vanished and never found. They seem to be wanting to make the statement of an unsatiable and draining frenzy, caused by a detachment from the pace of reality and by the impossibility to recognise their surroundings as real; they forget the names of existent things, in a trasversal vertigo that inexorably corrodes their corporeal boudaries.



The Next Generation (3° Place) – Short Film Festival 2017

Reason: “The Night We Met is the story of a sudden disappearance of two people who decide not to leave any trace of themselves. The work questions the mask and the "liquid" identity of the protagonists, and the spark that invests them, that decisive moment in which the tangible body separates itself from the absolute void; a time that can have the status of eternity, or hardens, petrifying, like a callus fossilized in the memory of people known and still present. The short expresses poetically and with extreme (and at the same time delicate) metaphors, the delirium perhaps only dreamed of and a displacement from reality that forever corrodes matter. Or keep it forever.”

Official selection at the Taranto Film Festival (Italy),

Official selection at the Oniros Film Festival of Aosta (Italy),

Best Experimental Short Film at the Inidpendent Talents International Film Festival in New York (US),

Special mention at “Los Angeles Festival Award”,
Special mention “The Week Filmaker Festival” (Belgium).


Io Volo (Italy, 2013)

Written and directed by Andrea Cramarossa.

With: Cristina Lapedota.

Editing: Anna Giulia D’Onghia.

Production: Teatro delle Bambole.



An autobiographical short but intense short film, between narration and video art, “Io Volo” runs through Cristina's life and passages, her mutations and transformations in order to be able to recognize herself and claim her identity to a deaf society that the ignore and do not respect it.

“I fly because it is one of man's oldest desires: to fly. You may also want to fly to get away, perhaps away, flee, why not, and perhaps never to go back. Flying is like a jump, often it can be a liberation, a migration towards Freedom and its mirage. Flying to feel less the weight of life and when others are making you weigh your own existence, here you stop existing. And do everything, slam the doors, shout, break the windows, as long as they notice you and then you begin to pray, that sky where everyone is free and where all fly, light, and beg the Love to manifest and bless the Madonna that protects you from resting your hand on that Love that sooner or later you know it will come.”


Screenplay of an unrealized film:

Dolce come il sale (Sweet like salt)
Lo sguardo della sposa (The gaze of the bride)


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