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Andrea Cramarossa |  Biography

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Andrea Cramarossa (Bari 1972) graduated as an actor from the International Academy of Actor in Rome and the School of Comic Actor of Reggio Emilia. He also studies with Lindsay Kemp, Susan Batson, Mariagiovanna Rosati Hansen and Pino Ferrara. He studied singing with Gianna Montecalvo, Pierluigi Molinaro, Mariasilvia Roveri and Filiò Sotiraki. Deepens the Method of the Lichtenberger® Institut für angewandte Stimmphysiologie by Gisela Rhomert; from these studies, in 2003, he founded the “Teatro delle Bambole” as a cultural manifesto.

Andrea Cramarossa habitually holds workshops on voice and acting in Italy and abroad. He received numerous awards in the artistic field including: “Oscars of the young - European Personality” at the Promoto Room of the Italian State and the “Aligi D'Oro” Award for Dramatic Art. With the artistic work “L’URLO” (The Scream) receives in 2013 the first prize at the FAP - Festival of Performative Arts.

Teatro delle Bambole was born with the (in) formal provocation to give space to the voices of Art through the study and development of a “New Method of Approach to Dramatic Art” combining the study of sound with theatrical research. In addition to the work on the sound of Gisela Rhomert, the Method is inspired by “Theater of Orgies and Mysteries (Orgien-Mysterien-Theater)” by the Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch, leading exponent of the Wiener Aktionismus.

The “New Approach Method to Dramatic Art” is fundamentally divided into the Actor’s Work on his Sound, the Actor's Work on the Character Sound and the Actor’s Work on the Sound of the Viewer. The Method is constantly evolving and is open to contamination and to the encounters that life gives of itself.


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