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FALSE HAMLET – Opera teatrale in Fa maggiore

(FALSE HAMLET – Theatrical work in F major)
Spagine Teatro – Fondo Verri (Presidium of the Book of Lecce), 2019

ISBN: 978-88-943475-9-3
“False Hamlet”, what you’re doing fiction, how to perceive reality. Maybe. The emperor of the doubt lives his perennial existence uncertainty, being barraged by requests. Hamlet and Ophelia find themselves face to face in a room, a free zone, where you say all they think about each other. A sort of “relief”, a continuous complain but the monologue of a flood of the one and the other person, looking under the carpets, the end of their love.

The language used is that which is based on a narrative that juggles long monologues to dialogues suffered; the two characters, Hamlet and Ophelia, juggles in a sirtico terrain difficult to navigate, through the unspeakable suffering of the confession.

The text is original and is inspired by “Hamlet” by Shakespeare, Act III, Scene I; some fragments of the original text, will be counterbalanced by the shameless pretense of reality, until no longer understand where is the bard’s text and its representation and where the true fiction and his own, in a translation of the word that most concerns the soul.

Manicomio criminale. Poemetto.
(Criminal asylum. Poem.)

Ed. Adda, 2009
EAN: 9788880828631
The “criminal asylum” is a universe of sentimental, affective, social, personal, objective and subjective difficulties and misunderstandings - which weighs or can weigh on everyone’s life. We commit unspoken crimes continuously and daily, almost without realizing it. The loss of the importance of words, of their deeper meaning, the loss of contact, makes us easy to define this or that thing, but absolutely unaware, by now, in understanding what this superficial definition can cause in our soul and in that of the “others”.


Canto delle more. Poemetto non in rime.
(Song of blackberries. Poem not in rhymes.)

Collana “I Gigli” - I libri di Poesia (Series “I Gigli” - The books of Poetry)
Ed.Montedit, 2001
ISBN: 8883561570


Dal mare dei sogni

(From the sea of dreams)

Ed.La Rosa (Crescentino), 1996

Unpublished writings:

Amore mio (My love),
La Bambola (The doll),
Il cavaliere delle rose (The knight of roses),
Il linguaggio del padre (The language of the father),
Piccoli giochi (Small games),
Il testamento di Pinocchio (Pinocchio’s will),

Guardami mentre dormo (Watch me while I sleep),
Medea di Kafka (Medea of Kafka),
Sangue (Blood),

Solo in forma di Poesia (Only in the form of poetry).

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