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Andrea Cramarossa Special Project | Mayfly

Three Studies on Silence

First Study on Silence

Maria Imperatrice (Empress Maria)
Performance for twenty spectators with installations and videos.

Solo voice Andrea Cramarossa

Elbex silence of the 80s

First performance: August 7, 2014 - ItinerAria Festival, Calcata (VT);

Subsequent replicas: July 2, 2015 CEA WWF Masseria Carrara in Bari-Modugno, May 12/14 2017 - Pino Pascali Museum of Contemporary Art, Polignano a Mare (BA).


Maria is a transvestite. At the moment of the staging of her ordeal, she tells of her birth, which will take place live, by the work of God. She is convinced that God made her mother, as the most well-known in history, but with the conviction that God actually exists. This time yes, it really exists and also has a name: Vincenzo. Maria is in the white room, small, large, narrow, wide, long, short of an asylum. She was locked up because of this story of God. Obviously nobody believed her and they even think that it is dangerous for herself and for others. Maria is violent, aggressive, unpleasant. It is disturbed by Silence as by Noise. Maria has no peace. She doesn’t want to die, she doesn't know what death is, it seems too unreal to her: too many hands have forged her body and she is no longer. In that room she chews everything she meets on her way and spits a lot, Maria spits because in no face does she want to recognize herself. She has known hatred, the mystification of pain, she has known the cosmogonic tales of lovers “in love” who left 50,000 Lire on the bed and that Silence of the before and that Silence of the after.

Silence because you must be unable to say anything. Nothing you need to be able to tell. Tell them, leave them to men, Maria, you only serve to bring money home. And then, rot in a mental hospital.

“Shut up, please!” How wonderful the Silence! What a beautiful, incongruent, unexpected creature. As an acclaimed, desired, desired entity. It is not obtained by choice or even by birth, by social rank, by ideology, by conviction. Silence is there, it exists. Silence lives of its own life, undeniable to itself and to the mature order of things.

"Talk! Talk! Talk! Say something, by God! ”. Hateful Silence. Fly shit: this is Silence. I hated it. Unbearable. Heavy. Painful. I hated it. On the other hand, the better the voices, even if they are clumsy, the better the sounds, even if they are noises, the better the thunder, even if it is crashing, the better the gray of a ceramic sky, even if it is clanging, better the nothing, even if it is empty.


Second Study on Silence
Del mio primo canto (Of my first song)
This Studio is a particular conceptual staging game.

Third study on Silence

La Neve cade su tutte le Rose(The snow falls on all the roses)

Soliloquy on autism

Written, directed and interpreted by Andrea Cramarossa

Assistant director: Federico Gobbi

Debut: February 2015 - Buurtcentrum Sterrenzicht, Utrecht (Holland)


Francesco, the protagonist, is a 20 year old boy, severely affected by autism. He is alone, silent, in his room, in the cage. He takes the role of fantasy characters, through whom he communicates his emotions. Well yes! Francesco has decided to use disguise and theater to convey to the world other than his own, what he feels and what he thinks about certain subjects.



Permanent theater workshop
Conduction and Artistic Direction: Andrea Cramarossa.

The permanent theater workshop of the Doll Theater began in April 2015.

A “simple” approach, based on the senses and feelings, for those who want to approach the New Approach Method to Dramatic Art.

Location: Bari.

Shows made:


Debut: 27 May 2017 - CEA WWF Masseria Carrara (Bari-Modugno)


Adaptation from “Under the Milk Wood” by Dylan Thomas.

Debut: 5 May 2018 - CEA WWF Masseria Carrara in Bari-Modugno.

BREMEN FREIHEIT (LIBERTÀ A BREMA) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Debut: 2 December 2019 - Bari, Duse Theater



In the word of the other: it i salso mine.

Path of knowledge, dialogue and cultural exchange between different ethnic groups.

The scheduled appointments include meetings of cultural exchange, theater workshop (with the involvement of people of the migrant and Italian people), staging of a global performative act, photographic exhibition on the theme of dialogue, meeting and sharing of knowledge (photo shoots made along the way).

Period: from October 2019 to July 2020.

Location: Bari.




Within the first edition of the Festival of Mental Health, held in Bari in October 2014, Teatro delle Bambole organized a workshop for actors and mentally disabled people in the Centro Phoenix, in collaboration with 22WebTV: a path towards social issues related to mental illness.

Research laboratory (“Of the verb to be”) and Performance with a high spiritual impact to sensitize public opinion towards the social discomforts deriving from mental illnesses: from acceptance to creation, a journey into the art of the senses to reach estrangement of reality.

Opening of the work to the public: October 18, 2014, Bari

For the second edition of the Festival of Mental Health, always held in Bari, Teatro delle Bambole presented “MEDEA - Synthesis for four breaths”;

performance date: 25 November 2016 - Bari, Anche Cinema Royal.



filecenza! Libri sotto gli Alberi (filecenza! Books under the Trees)

Small Literature Festival.

Artistic direction: Andrea Cramarossa.

From 2012 to 2018, Teatro delle Bambole organized, in the month of September, a small festival dedicated to various literary genres, with workshops, laboratories, theatrical performances and presentation of the authors and their works.

Location: CEA WWF Masseria Carrara - Z.I. Bari-Modugno.

Genres Presented: Fiction (2012/2017); Dramaturgy (2013/2018); Children's Literature (2014); Poetry (2015); Nonfiction and Journalism (2016).



LUCCICAFestival dell’Arte(SHINY – Art Festival)

Artistic direction: Andrea Cramarossa.

Realized from 2015 to 2017, the is an opportunity for cultural aggregation, a protected place, an oasis, where Art comes to be the center of attention again.

A week - in October - entirely dedicated to the performing arts, from theater to cinema, from painting to photography, from music to creative writing.

Location: CEA WWF Masseria Carrara - Z.I. Bari-Modugno.

17-20 October 2015: Edition 0

LUCCICA meets: Conference on the state of the theater "What if we go back to talking about the theater?"

18-23 October 2016: I Edition;

24-29 October 2017: II Edition.



IO: STUPORE - Pratiche di centratura teatrale

I: AMAZEMENT - Practices of theatrical centering

Artistic direction: Andrea Cramarossa.

Realized from 2015 to 2018, Higher Education project born from the collaboration of Teatro delle Bambole with the Alice Area Arti Espressive cooperative: cycle of intensive workshops (from May to August) with great Masters of the theater scene.

Location: CEA WWF Masseria Carrara - Z.I. Bari-Modugno.




Theatrical review

Artistic direction: Andrea Cramarossa.

Created for two editions (2017 and 2018), the exhibition is an occasion for cultural aggregation, a protected place, an oasis, where Dramatic Art comes to be the center of attention. A rare occasion for a privileged meeting with the Theater in all its forms.

Location: CEA WWF Masseria Carrara - Z.I. Bari-Modugno.



Theater & Environment - Projects of Environmental Education and Theater

For a precise ethical choice, Teatro delle Bambole has always produced and developed Environmental Education Shows for the younger audience in collaboration with the Verderame Cooperative and the WWF Italy Education Office.

Shows produced: “The Princess Medusa” (on the protection of the marine ecosystem), “The Pig Prince” and “The magic bird” (on the intensive breeding of domestic animals on the value of freedom), “The King of the Trees” and “The King and his scado” (on the extinction of animal and plant species), “The Blue Prince” (on Biodiversity).



Travolta da uno Tsunami(Overwhelmed by a Tsunami)
Entertainment freely based on the novel of the same name by Patrizia Rossini.

With: Caterina Firinu and with Stella Addario, Isabella Careccia, Patrizia Labianca, Antonella Ruggiero.

Directed by Andrea Cramarossa.

Debut: April 2014 - Nuovo Teatro Abeliano, Bari.



Biennale dell’Attore (Biennial of the Actor)
Higher Education Festival for the Actor.

Permanent workshop on the New Method of Approach to Dramatic Art with intensive weekends of contemporary dance, dance theater, modern singing, fencing, dramaturgy, diction and phonetics.


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