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Andrea Rossi Andrea Ground Plane Antenna


Multimedia visual artist, musician, composer/electric bassist.
Graduated from DAMS, Bologna, in Visual Arts, from Venice Academy of Fine Arts in Painting and then in Sculpture – he obtained a High School diploma from an Art School and also a Teacher Training College Diploma. He studied bass with Bruce Gertz (Berklee College of Music, Boston), Cameron Brown and Larry Ridley (Manhattan School of Music, New York). He also attended the Conservatories of Vicenza, Padua and Rovigo, where he studied classical Double Bass and Composition.
A member of the Italian Philosophical Society, he is also active in teaching visual and musical arts.
He has been working in visual and musical art circles since 1985.

All his works, from the earliest (about 1970), are characterized by the continuous, implicit and explicit, reference to the ground plane antenna, a transceiver device, and are formalized as an «ethical and aesthetic extension of the artistic work [...] through inter-contextual situations of contamination and hybridization of genres, places, media, languages, etc.» (Silvia Grandi). But the artist's attitude towards his own works is, as he himself states, «similar to that of an actor with his characters [...] in line with tradition», showing himself, paradoxically, equidistant «from progress and tradition [...], outstanding at describing the inconsistencies of postmodernity and especially at ease in threading his way through the deformed networks of 21st century civilization» (DavideIelmini).
«I found Andrea Rossi Andrea's musical vision highly original and motivated by a serious personal depth. Indeed, the sound was happy [...] as well as the timbre combinations, which are never predictable, and the compositional ideas» (Giorgio Gaslini).
«Between the Little and the Great Andrea Rossi Andrea. So, everything is explicitly laid down so as to become, once again, elusive» (Jan Hoet).

A Splasc(H) Records musician, in 2003 he was voted as one of the best new talents in the annual critics' poll by the magazine «Musica Jazz» ("Top Jazz").
His third CD as a leader – Textmeldg. Blue – was ranked first among the ten best albums of 2006 according to Giampiero Cane's International "Top Ten" in «Alias-Il Manifesto».
In 2007, Rossi Andrea was recognised again as one of the best new talents in "Top Jazz" and his fourth CD – 27min Tintoretto – was mentioned in the section "Record of the Year (ArrigoPolillo Award)". Included among the best international albums of 2007 by «All About Jazz», it received the top critical rating of "Immense" in «Alias-Il Manifesto».
In 2008, the same album received the red tag of excellence, "Jazzit Likes It!" from the magazine «Jazzit» while also his fifth work as a leader – Baudrillardest mort – achieved the critical rating of "Immense" in «Alias-Il Manifesto».
In "Top Jazz 2008" Andrea Rossi Andrea was recognised in the sections "Musician of the Year (PinoCandini Award)", "Instrumentalist of the Year" (bass), and, for the third time, as one of the best new talents.
Once again recognised in "Top Jazz 2009" as one of the best instrumentalists of the year, "Top Jazz 2010" awarded him a nomination for being one of the best composers/arrangers and he was acknowledged as one of the ten best Italian bass players, an acknowledgement he received again in "Top Jazz 2011". In the same year, 2011, he became an artist of the FondazioneMorra in Naples, and was also visiting professor at the Facultad de BellasArtes of the Universidad del País Vasco (E).
Once again, "Top Jazz 2012" recognised the artist in the section "Musician of the Year (PinoCandini Award)".
In 2013, with the exhibition Noise, he was invited to the 55th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.
For the umpteenth time "Top Jazz 2014" applauded the Artist, mentioning him in the section "Musician of the Year (PinoCandini Award)".
The following year, Andrea Rossi Andrea was invited to give a lectio magistralis, titled 73+51 to you and your family, at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.
In 2016, with the exhibition Without land/Senza terra, he was invited to the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.
Between 2017 and 2018, in Portogruaro, the birthplace of the futurist Luigi Russolo, the museum of the master's work (Casa Russolo) was set up and inaugurated; the composition Plane Rave by Rossi Andrea has been chosen as the official soundtrack of the new space, in the version performed in a world premiere by the Artist himself at Skulptur. Projekte in Münster (D) in 1997.

Works by Andrea Rossi Andrea can be found in public and private collections in European and Non-European countries.

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