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2018-2020, RELITTI 152 AZIONE, Museo Hermann Nitsch, Napoli Foto A. Benestante Courtesy Fondazione Morra



TEN YEARS 2008-2018


Ten years after its opening, the Hermann Nitsch Museum - Laboratory Archive for Contemporary Arts continues the critical and theoretical reflection around the great Austrian artist, father of Viennese artism.

To celebrate the first decade of its activity, the Nitsch Museum has made a total renovation of the exhibition with a setting-up of aunique part of the collection and in particular of the works "Relitti 152.azione", as a synthesis of the Orgien-Mysterien-Theater (Orge Theater and Mysteries). Embracing the idea of Gesamtkunstwerk (Total Work of Art), a founding part of Hermann Nitsch's artistic philosophy,was inaugurated for the occasion the "Terrace of perfumes and colors". This is aspace, conceived by the artistand which involves the viewer in a synaesthetic path in which all the senses are awakened in the encounter with the Hermann Nitsch’s work.

The experience includes also the Terraceand continues on different levels thanks to the opening of the Scala (Staircase) at Vico II Avvocata, by the Church of Santa Maria, which connects the museum, at Piazza Dante and gives to the city of Naples a new accessibility and a different perspective. This action is a redevelopment work that confirms the attention of the Morra Foundation to the involvement of the city, to the regeneration of the Avvocata district, through art and culture.

The opening of the Terrace and the Staircase that directly connects Piazza Dante toSalita Pontecorvo, enriches the great project "Quartiere dell’Arte” (“Art District") by the Foundation and in which Casa Morra has been active for some time as an institute in evolution with the project "Il Giocodell'Oca - One hundred years of exhibitions", Mario Franco Archives dedicated to the cinema, andShozo Shimamoto Archive dedicated to the great Japanese artist, founder of the Gutai group.

These places create a cultural and artistic map in Naples, in particular inAvvocataDistrict,. These are dedicated to the artistic research, and especially to involve the spectators in exhibitions and events that combine music, cinema, theater.

The Hermann Nitsch Museum is as a living organism, oriented to the development of the city. This is a complex place that, by means of art and culture, outlines new scenarios and new identities, defines urban spaces open to different material and immaterial, ethical and aesthetic functions, in a new creative metamorphosis for the city.


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