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08 10 2017 archivio mario franco

Casa Morra - Archives Mario Franco         

Multimedia library

Archivi Mario Franco collection includes books, catalogues, films, DVDs, in analogue and digital forms, discs and music CDs produced or collected in 50 years of activity, promoting cinema d’essai and cineclub, and collaborating with the galleries that led to the most recent artistic history of the city: Amelio, Morra (with exclusive films and videos on artists like Beuys, Warhol, Nitsch, Shimamoto, Acconci, Kaprow, etc.). Next to the volume of Cinema History and Criticism, a large field is dedicated to the essay on media and sociological communication, philosophy, psychoanalysis, theater, photography, classics of Italian and foreign literature, with particular attention to all those literary works transposed into films. The DVD movie collection, in Beta and 16mm, ranges from cinema origins to the most recent production, addressing genres, authors and trends that led to the history of the seventh art. A large section is dedicated to documentary and experimental cinema, from French and Russian German avant-gardes from the XX century to the experiments of the American underground and contemporary digital productions. An equally important section, both in historical and critical essays as well as in CDs, DVDs and Vinyls, is dedicated to music, from the Renaissance to the music of the XX century, from dodecaphony to Ligeti, Webern, Varese, Glass, to Complete work of John Cage. All archives assets can be consulted exclusively on site for training courses, Erasmus students, scholars and researchers.

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Archives Mario Franco  

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