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 Architectural Association a Casa Morra 2

Workshop of Architectural Association at Casa Morra – Archivio d’Arte Contemporanea

From 27 June to 7 July 2019 

The Architectural Association in collaboration with Casa Morra – Archivio d’Arte Conemporanea in Naples offers it’s second phase of a 10 day workshopthis summer.  Learning from local artisans and an original collection of more than 500 moulds dating from 1700 to today, we challenge and question ornament and generate our own formal grammar through moulding in plaster.

A group of international experts in the fields of Architecture, Design, Architecture History, and technology London based model makers will lead the workshop, it’s lectures and several arranged visits in the city of Napoli.

We welcome young creatives and professionals in the fields of art, architecture, design and history to register.





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