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ESPERIENZE L infinito intrattenimento MATTEO FRATERNO cop

ESPERIENZE / L’infinito intrattenimento

Curated by
Loredana Troiseand Pasquale Persico

February 15th – March 14th, 2020

OPENING FEBRUARY 15th h. 12:00 am
Fondazione Morra - Biblioteca per le Arti Contemporanee
VicoLungo Pontecorvo 29/d, Neaples

ESPERIENZE/L’INFINITO INTRATTENIMENTO - Biblioteca per le Arti Contemporanee. photo by Danilo Donzelli

How to dream inside a library? It is the question that echoes in the Biblioteca per le Arti Contemporanee of Fondazione Morra, in the occasion of Esperienze / L’infinitointrattenimento, by Matteo Fraterno. A path that reveals all the characteristics of a meticulous journey of contemporary archaeology, where a whole series of objects and “installations“ taken from the experience of the artist and humanaelitterae, seem to revive under the light of subtle visual poems. Every single object draws an ontological scenario, whose evocative force is a narrative device that crosses the dense plots of travel literature. Esperienze / L’infinitoIntrattenimento is also the topographic indication of a specific place already explored by the artist – the archaeological site of Oropos, where pilgrims stayed for the night in a state of mythical purifying incubation -, which is now the ideal reference of a new adventure for knowledge, stimulating model to transmit and propose again. Matteo Fraterno, during his one-month residency in the library of the Fondazione Morra, will give a new meaning to the time of reading, searching in the past, to trace an intellectual process increasingly open to the research, to the excavation, to the deepening, to the reading and whispered, declaimed, participated rereading. Among the materials exhibited, the symbols of an infinite mnestic cartography: a bedroll of sheepskin on which “to dream better”; the books Il bibliotecario di Leibniz by Sergio Givoneand L'Entretieninfini by Maurice Blanchot, from which takes the title this experience; some photos of the artist’s journeys; a green flowerpot that traces a symbolic continuity with the first experience of collaboration with Giuseppe Morra at Vigna San Martino in 1995; a yellow armchair that the artist refers chromatically to the book Non-functional thoughts (Ed.Morra) by Cesare Pietroiusti. Visions and devices that encourage the audience to a receptive look in an immersive space.

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ESPERIENZE L infinito intrattenimento MATTEO FRATERNO 2

ESPERIENZE L infinito intrattenimento MATTEO FRATERNO 4

ESPERIENZE L infinito intrattenimento MATTEO FRATERNO 5

ESPERIENZE L infinito intrattenimento MATTEO FRATERNO 3

ESPERIENZE L infinito intrattenimento MATTEO FRATERNO

IMG 1148 Danilo Donzelli Photography 

IMG 1152 Danilo Donzelli Photography

IMG 1214 Danilo Donzelli Photography

IMG 1207 Danilo Donzelli Photography

IMG 1184 Danilo Donzelli Photography
ESPERIENZE / L’infinito intrattenimento, Matteo Fraterno _© Danilo Donzelli Photography

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