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2016 Hermann Nitsch AMO invitoITA

Hermann Nitsch and the Theatre

Palazzo Forti

Via A. Forti 1, Verona (Italy)

Opening: 15th October, 7pm (entrance at Volto Due Mori 4)

Among the side events at Art Verona 2016, an exhibition at the Museo AMO, from the Theater Museum (Vienna) and the Villa Stuck Museum (Munich), traces the link between Hermann Nitsch, his experimentation with theatre and the history of contemporary theatre

Thanks to the cooperation between Verona City Council, Veronafiere-ArtVerona, AMO Arena Museo Opera – Palazzo Forti, Atelier Hermann Nitsch, the Vienna Nitsch Foundation, the Museo Hermann Nitsch-Archivio Laboratorio per le Arti Contemporanee di Napoli and the support of Boxart di Verona, the Italian public can enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to examine in depth the dramatic core, the quality of staging and contextualization of Hermann Nitsch's o.m. theater (Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries) within the history of the theatre, so as to offer a more extensive and comprehensive view of the artist's work as a whole.

The focus of the exhibition curated by Hubert Klocker, director of the Friedrichshof Collection (Zurndorf/Vienna), focuses on the meaning of, and necessity for, direct experience gained through participation in a dramatic event, and at the same time the fact that the individual elements of the Viennese actionist's oeuvre - especially painting and drawing, but also music and literature - are subordinate to the element of drama and performance underlying Nitsch's poetry as a whole.

"Hosting an exhibition by contemporary artist Hermann Nitsch at the Arena Museo Opera," says Francesco Girondini, director of the AMO Museum, "further emphasises the goal underlying this museum since its opening, namely to spread the knowledge of opera, especially the artistic activity from over a century since the Fondazione Arena came into being and, at the same time, to open up its exhibition horizons to other related areas, bringing exhibitions to the public by artists who have spent their lives pushing their artistic research into different, but related, forms of expression, such as music or theatre, as Hermann Nitsch has done."

The exhibition contains sketches, stills, and costumes designed by Nitsch for some of the most famous performances as director, set designer and costume designer: Hérodiade by Jules Massenet at the Staatsoper in Vienna (1995), Philipp Glass's Satyagraha at the Festspielhaus in St. Pölten (2001), and Robert Schumann's Faust for the Zurich Opernhaus (2007).

The event was selected by the 12th edition of Art Verona, among its side events, whose theme this year is the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Of his famous countryman, Nitsch writes: "Mozart was a master of every tone and hue of composition in a cheerful and exuberant style. He was equally skilled in expressing joy and tragedy. I love The Marriage of Figaro just as much as his "Jupiter Symphony", and in the same way I love the Symphony in G minor or his Requiem. Mozart reaches his peak with the Requiem. Art, at last, has a metaphysical outcome. With his Requiem, Mozart manages to make a transfiguration joyful; death becomes a rebirth, a resurrection. The entire spectrum of light springs forth from a profound melancholy. One hopes that atomic war will be cancelled out in this way, from the very beginning .... "

Hermann Nitsch too composed a Requiem, upon the premature death of his second wife, Beate König. This music became the soundtrack to the Vienne composer's Action n. 56.

Nitsch's "Symphony for Verona" will be the centre of a great concert scheduled as part of the Contemporary Day from 9pm on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at theAuditorium of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia (Piazza Bra, 1 - 37121 Verona), and will be performed by the Verona Philharmonic Orchestra.

The conductor is Andrea Cusumano, Palermo's Councillor for Culture, and conductor at many of the artist's performances.


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