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Quartiere dell’Arte

The project Quartiere dell’Arte was born in 2004 by Giuseppe Morra, Francesco Coppola, Roberto Paci Dalò, Nicoletta Ricciardelli and Pasquale Persico, with the purpose to create over time a network of cultural and creative realities working inside the quarter Avvocata of Naples, to regenerate and requalify the urban area through arts and cultural practices. At first, the historical complex of the ex Convento delle Cappuccinelle, that was the Filangieri juvenile prison in Salita Pontecorvo, was been identified as a propulsive center for laboratories and activities of artistic and handcrafted production. With the opening of Museo Nitsch in 2008, Fondazione Morra lays the foundations for the launch of the renewal, redevelopment and urban enhancement  process that art is able to produce, getting in touch with the residents and the other cultural communities. In 2009 there was the first round of meetings, aimed at presenting the project Quartiere dell’Arteand its networking system between public and private institutions, emphasising not only the ability to produce a cultural renewal but also to promote an economic growth, focusing on the idea of art as resource. In 2013 Fondazione Morra takes part in the Expression of interest promoted by the city hall of Naples as part of UNESCO program, in the strategic plan elaborated by the city hall to give legal importance to the institutions and the local involved associations, to give special importance to local authorities and associations and create economies and developments easily. Over the years, the project Quartiere dell’Arte has also developed outside of its promoters; Fondazione Morra and Museo Nitsch opened the way to new cultural spaces, active players in the daily life of the quarter Avvocata, by showing that art and culture can turn the social life and the urban space, creating synergies, discussions, and increase in employment.  

Fondazione Morra

Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d
80135 Naples, Italy

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 10am-7pm| Saturday 10am-2pm

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