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Contemporary Arts Library

The Contemporary Arts Library, which opened officially in 2003, grew from Giuseppe Morra’s wish to make his collection available to the public.

It currently holds a corpus of about seven thousand two hundred twenty-five SBN-catalogued texts, plus other books, journals, manuscripts, and rare editions still in the process of registration.

The Library has the following sections:

  • GENERAL ART (from 1930 to date)
  • VISUAL POETRY (the material mainly consists of texts by Arrigo Lora Totino and books dedicated to him)

The Library also houses donations and collections:

  • The Luca Maria Patella collection: these works illustrate Patella’s artistic approach, a tireless exploration of the limitless universe of language.
  • The GUTAI GROUP: a section centred on the figure of Shozo Shimamoto
  • LIVING THEATRE: a section focusing on Julian Beck’s pictorial period and the performative activities of the Living Theatre
  • The Arcangelo Izzo collection. The collection of material by art critic Arcangelo Izzo mainly focuses on his studies of aesthetics and philosophy

Fondazione Morra

Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d
80135 Naples, Italy

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 10am-7pm| Saturday 10am-2pm

Info Point

Tel +39 081 5641655
Fax +39 081 5641494



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