Research and Education

As part of its annual training programme, the Fondazione Morra offers internships in the different sectors and locations (Nitsch Museum and Casa Morra) of the complex and puts its archives at the disposition of duly authorised students for study and research.
For information on research opportunities, write to or call (0039) 0815641655.
The internship is suited to university students and recent graduates in art history and arts subjects related to the world of contemporary art, and serves to increase knowledge of museum dynamics (visitor services, event and exhibition organization, installations, etc.), providing experience in the field, and integrating the course of study of individual trainees.
The duration of the training period may vary from a minimum of three months to a maximum of six, and trainees must be in attendance from 10:00am to 7:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Italian students on the internship are unpaid, but they earn credits at partner universities.
To submit an application, send a CV to the address provided and contact the internship office at a partner university.

Work with us as a volunteer

The Fondazione Morra also trains volunteers interested either in pursuing a professional career in museums, or in the contemporary art sector, or simply in making an active contribution to the institution. Voluntary service does not exceed 200 hours. For information, complete and send the following form to .

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