Maurizio Elettrico was born in Naples in 1965, where he lives and works. After his studies in natural sciences, he orients his artistic research mainly to the interdisciplinary relationships between philosophy, history and iconography. His artistic practice is characterized by the variety of materials he uses and the vocabulary he applies, ranging from drawing on fine paper, sculpture and multi-material installations that see organic materials mixed with artificial materials, video, performance, and an intense writing activity. Elettrico invests the everyday world with a neomythological vitality in which radical secularization of the sacred and science fiction are mixed to create a short circuit where the sense and nonsense of his poetics create a continuous balance between reality and dream. The recovery of dissonant forms and materials open to a magical world of medieval ancestry capable of producing a visual pantheon that blends artistic creation and scientific knowledge.

Maurizio Elettrico, Supernaturalis Historia, 2016, PAN, Napoli, © Phooto Amedeo Benestante Fondazione Morra

The New Empire – Short Biography of an Alien Pope


“by Desmond Brown, London 2272”
Pag. 182 / Illustrated with 20 color drawings / Italian

ISBN 887852001-2