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The propulsive role of the Fondazione Morra finds its origin not only in the assumptions of its birth but also in the social and cultural growth of the places through which to stimulate “Creative and plural identities” that live in the II Municipalità di Napoli.

“New Spaces” that make the territory a real Quartiere dell’Arte, suitable to make small and big occasions unforgettable.

Casa Morra Archivio d’Arte Contemporanea, Museo Archivio Laboratorio per le Arti Contemporanee Hermann Nitsch, Associazione Shōzō Shimamoto and Vigna San Martino offer a unique setting for conferences, meetings, workshops, company courses, screenings, concerts, special events.

In a stimulating and functional context, the spaces of the Fondazione Morra will make all your initiatives exclusive. Ancient and modern rooms, multifunctional spaces and rediscovered terraces for a choice in the sign of art in the heart of Naples.


CASA MORRA Salita S. Raffaele, 20C Napoli
MUSEO HERMANN NITSCH Vico Lungo Pontecorvo, 29/d Napoli

A unique reality
in the heart of Naples

For Information:
Tel +39 081 5641655