In the history of the Fondazione Morra, donations and bequests from contemporary artists and their heirs have been an important way of increasing its heritage and its intense relationship with local, national and international communities.

Significant representatives of the cultural society, over time, have recognized in our institution an important element for the enhancement of contemporary arts and for the innovation of a “house of ideas” in continuous metamorphosis.

Thus have acted exponents of international importance such as Judith Malina, founder of the Living Theatre, who left her personal archive to the Morra Foundation, the heirs of the visual poet Arrigo Lora Totino and Baroness Lucrezia De Domizio Durini through the Joseph Beyus fund, works, writings and archive records “in defense of nature”.

The donations and bequests to the Morra Foundation are an essential part of its history and its future, through projects of conservation, protection, enhancement and dissemination of the precious heritage in progress.

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