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Flora Yin Wong Sara Persico

13 April-19:30/22:30

Flora Yin Wong Sara Persico


on Saturday 13 April 2024
talk starts at 7:30pm
performance starts at 9:00pm

Museo Hermann Nitsch

Tickets available at RA TICKETS https://it.ra.co/events/1886258

Thanks to the efficient mediation of Diana Del Franco, a dynamic synergy has been set up between the independent cultural platform AKHET, the Fondazione Morra and the cultural association E-M ARTS, with the intention of hosting some of the most influential artists on the international sound scene for short stays and, if possible, to begin a constructive dialogue with the autonomous music communities in the region Campania: the first event/experience is on Saturday 13 April 2024 with the performances by Flora Yin Wong and Sara Persico at the Museo Hermann Nitsch, located in the Montesanto district.
With the hope of capturing the energetic forces of the Museo and the emotional impulses triggered by crossing the rooms saturated with Maestro Hermann Nitsch’s powerful Total Works, the hypothesis of absorbing an indelible perceptive experience in the memory is highly probable. An approach that does not exclude but incorporates and amalgamates the different characteristics and genres in a connective weave where subjective interpretation and imagination are the tools to intercept and decipher the vibrations.

“the gesamtkunstwerk comes about in the orgien mysterien theater only because in it the most varied artistic forms are reduced to a pure abreactive phenomenon. word, painting, music become a liturgical action.
everything is pervaded by a synthetic sacramental atmosphere. it redeems me and erects the o. m. theater.
perhaps from a european mysticism of the senses, from the recognition of the sudden reaction, from the propensity to excess that is conditioned in us in an almost physiological way, it will turn into a kind of oriental-asian mysticism of peace, which, however, is not affected by the narcotically estranged and world-denying attitude of the latter; instead, it must be a new mysticism understood as an intense and harmonious affirmation of life.
to the concept of the human is connected an intensification in an apollonian sense, a liberation from pure animality.”
Hermann Nitsch Orgien Mysterien Theater, 1962

Flora Yin Wong mixes sounds recorded with her phone during her travels and various traditional musical instruments, such as Tibetan bells, yangquin and kemence, to create innovative electronic audio segments, echoes of sinister melodies, arcane rhythms, and mysterious noises. Flora crystallises a feeling of essence of those journeys and sounds that emerge from memory refracting like light hitting the surface of a mirror sphere.
Sara Persico channels her energy through voice and electronic sounds towards a hybrid universe beyond convention, immersing us in multiple instrumental possibilities following the inspirations of total electronic improvisation. An intricate network of tunnels and passages, in constant transformation with a distinctive touch that reveals her profound knowledge of composition and acoustic coherence.


FLORA YIN WONG (London, 1988) Chinese-Malaysian origin, writer, producer and DJ, founder of the label Doyennee, Junior Editor for Dazed Digital magazine and writes for AnOtherMag.com, Soho House Magazine, INDIE/Material Girl and Ocularsound.com
The album Holy Palm is a hallucinatory sound collage of real and abstract journeys combining the sounds of insects in Balinese nature, the rhythms of Tokyo dance clubs and the rumours of an abandoned Arctic settlement. Produced in tandem with the album Holy Palm (2020), Liturgy is a book that blurs the boundaries between fantasy, diary and vision of the territories traversed by the protagonist: a blurry world, a miscellany of hazy memories, Cantonese fairy tales, divinations from the reading hexagrams, stories of parallel universes and ancient rituals.
In The Sacrifice (2022), an old book titled The Mabinogion, which collects manuscript fragments of oral histories of Celtic mythology from the 12th-13th centuries, acts as a guide. During an artist’s residency in an isolated cabin in North Wales, Yin Wong focuses on acoustic ecology and the relation between listener and environment; she captures her own landscape with a tape recorder, interweaving these recordings with adaptations of Welsh myths and the sounds produced by singer Rachel Lyn, in a dreamlike interplay of tonal contrasts and natural and created reverberations.
The evocative album Cold Reading (2023) still expresses the characteristic instrumental narrative and describes the consequences of her exotic spiritual journeys: with a sense of disassociation, Flora Yin Wong rereads Giuseppe Tartini’s (1692-1770) Violin Sonata in G minor, known as the Devil’s Trill, a notoriously challenging composition that attempted to perform music heard in a dream.

SARA PERSICO (1993, Naples) sound artist, improviser, DJ, performer and video maker, with deep roots in the sound underground of her city, she honed her musical skills in challenging contexts while pursuing her composition studies at the Conservatory of Naples and in 2018 her master’s degree in Bologna. A founder and performer in several Italian and foreign musical groups, in 2018 she participated at Temp Studio in Lisbon with the performance 7 Survival Techniques for voice, electronics and video-projections, and then collaborated with Francesca Grilli for the performance GOLD presented at the Santarcangelo Festival; in 2019 she performed on tour in Poland and Germany with the musician Ignacio Cordoba and released the album. Since 2021 she has been residing in Berlin after being selected for Amplify Berlin residency under the guidance of cellist Lucy Railton; here she finds an ideal atmosphere to activate international connections.
Through deep research into the matter of sound and following a multiplicity of practices, such as improvisation and composition, in the EP Boundary (2023) Sara challenges limits and definitions by boldly overcoming them in an evocative atmosphere of a subterranean world stratified by geological eras. The sound dimension is shaped by an unusual impulsive vocal practice mixed with pulsations and sound frequencies, Sara performs with sound transformations and alters the nature of noises to create an elaborate inner landscape.
Sara Persico has performed at International events such as Geografie del Suono, Bologna Jazz Festival, Napoli Teatro Festival, Damas Lisboa, MultiMadeira, O Salgado Faz Anos Fest, CTM, Documenta fifteen, Club Mutante and Ballroom Blitz Beirut.

Flora Yin Wong Sara Persico


13 April
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Museo Hermann Nitsch
Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d
Napoli, 80135 Italia
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