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23 June 2016-21:00/25 June 2016-21:00

June 23rd – June 25th, 2016
Belvedere del Museo Hermann Nitsch 
Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d, Napoli

INDEPENDENT FILM SHOW 16th edition, an international show dedicated to independent experimental cinema, coordinated by Raffaella Morra, takes place on June Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th 2016 programming the screening of three 16mm films and video programs and three live expanded cinema performances at the Museo Nitsch Belvedere.

A resistance to fixity of classification and genre is expressed during three days of Independent Film Show 16th edition that endorsees the blending of practises, the unfinished, the mistake, the chance of discovery; for this cinema, there is no exact definition, nor a nomenclature, however the method continues to be handmade, the favourite material is 16mm film and, when possible, the share of the creative act of live expanded cinema performances. The physical mechanisms of film construction, such as the different photographic impression techniques, the chemical transformations of film and the metamorphosis process of light, remain the investigation fulcrum around which to build your own journey. An experience of disorientation can assault the inexperienced or occasional viewer, which penetrates in a territory characterized by unexpected. There is no single answer, nor the illusion of verisimilitude to trust, instead, it is necessary to allow a whirlwind of sensations that stimulate an unusual perceptual activity, imprinted in memory.

The concrete materiality of the film strips and the mechanics of projection are firmly in the hands of the film-makers, that control the minute details of creation and, with the closure of large companies, such as Kodak, the incipit is Do It Yourself, furthermore appropriating of the production stages. A significant impulse to collaboration and inventive between artisanal film labs has significantly expanded the experimental possibilities of film-makers. Independent Film Show 16th edition is an exploration between the experiences of these laboratories: Explorative Journey program selected by Raffaella Morra is a brief excursus on recent films made at the Etna and the Abominable in France, the Filmwerkplatts in Rotterdam and Nanolab in Australia.

Karel Doing, founder of Studio één Lab in 1990 and currently with Bea Haut Film in Process (in Naples two IFS editions, with live performances titled Four Eyes, 2006 and Darkloupe, 2012), selects Cinematica Erratica program, a celebration of sabotaged film language, that embrace wrong shots, techniques and sounds that normally would be seen as inaccurate and faulty. Absurdism is used as a strong antidote against existing codes of conduct, absence is used to evoke a renewed sense of wonder, and by colliding the natural with the technological, borders are blurred.

Hand and Machine presents six recent film works from Australian DIY cine-experimentalists Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie, exploring the primitive apparatus of cinema and the relation between hand and machine. In particular, they created Chromaflex, a new photo-chemical technique which allows selectively controlled negative and positive colour and black and white images on the same strip of film. What is more, the technique allows these selection decisions to be made in full light.

On Thursday, June 23rd (11:00am-03:00pm) and Friday June 24th (hours 03:00-08:00pm), the Chromaflex method will be argument of the workshop, organized in collaboration with ARK-FILM lab TerzoPianoAutogestito (at Palazzo Gravina / registration required).

In live expanded cinema performances, the knowledge of projective apparatus, the environment, the improvisation and the chance comprehend in a dynamic process, triggered by public participation: on Thursday June 23rd Portraits by 70FTP (Andrea Saggiomo), on Friday June 24th Palindrome Series and Pattern/Chaos by Karel Doing, on Saturday June 25th Dot Matrix and Inside the Machine by Richard Tuohy.


23 June 2016-21:00
25 June 2016-21:00
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Museo Hermann Nitsch
Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d
Napoli, 80135 Italia