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Henrik Strömberg | Profile

Henrik Stromberg

Henrik Strömberg (b. 1970) | based in Berlin (Germany) | graduated from Camberwell College of Art in London (United Kingdom) and Academy of Performing Arts FAMU in Prague (the Czech Republic) | works with the idea of metamorphosis, decay and the transformation of materials, sculptural objects and their photographic documentation, as well as the deconstruction and transformation of the photographic image itself | his works have been presented at solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Poland, France, the Czech Republic and the U.S.A., and acquired by various collections, including: Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, Munich Germany - Ann Wolff Foundation, Sweden - Christine Symchych Collection, USA, - Kultur Hässleholm, Sweden - MecklenburgischesKünstlerhaus, Schloss Plüschow, Germany - La Luxembourgeoise SA, Luxemburg.






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